Do you ever worry about your child being bullied while at school? At Alpena High School, you won’t have to even think about that happening to your child.

At Alpena High School, they have an absolute no bullying tolerance. They take bullying 100% serious and think that no child should have to fear going to school. According to “Ambassador 4 Kidz Club”, 77% of children are bullied mentally, physically, and verbally. While the study done by them has also said to have shown that 43% of children are also cyberbullied. The study done by the Ambassador 4 Kidz Club also said that 1 in 5 kids admitted to doing some type of bullying each day. In the final study done by the club, they found that approximately 160,000 kids miss school each day for the fear of being bullied. Alpena High School will do its best to make sure your child has no fear of coming to school.