Curriculum part 2

A continuation of the credits and required courses are included in this article, focusing mainly on the Foreign Languages and final resulting credits and what they mean.

Two Foreign Language credits are required, however, they can be waived by taking more art credits. The Foreign Language choices are listed on a pre-approved list that can be seen at the counselor’s office.

With the switch to semesters the required credits and possible credits have changed. To learn more a student can contact their counselor.

Students are placed in the class appropriate to their years in high school and their credits earned. 9th graders are the base first year students. 10th graders are second year students who have 6.5 credits or more. 11th graders are third year students with 13.0 credits or more. 12th graders are fourth year student within 8 credits of graduating.

Direct Note from AHS: No student will be promoted to the status of “graduated” unless all graduation requirements are met. Transfer students will have credits reviewed and years of high school attendance evaluated to determine proper placement.