Additions and Advances

Aliccia Carroll, Reporter

Alpena High school is constantly being renovated as we keep bringing new additions to our district.  The AAA Credit Union Student-Run branch is finally complete in the media center, including the accompanying ATM machine. The branch will hopefully open in January. This new addition will allow students and staff members to have easy access to money and will make transactions and purchases for school easier and more sufficient. Another great addition would be the new Teacher Academy CTE course that started this fall in an all new classroom located in B-House. This class allows students in grades 11th and 12th to prepare for and get an inside view of teaching. This program was created because Michigan is in a great need for educational positions, such as teachers. After interviewing Sara Bedford, the teacher of the class, she quoted, “This program allows great opportunities to show what the teaching side of education looks like.” This new program will hopefully prepare high school students who are wanting to enter the educational field and better prepare them for what is to come. On top of that, ThunderBay Junior High is currently under construction as they finalize their new track. This project will allow more events to be held at that district and provides a safer and better track for competing students.  Many of these new additions will better improve our schools and are great conveniences for future use.