Kicking off a new year

Aliccia Carroll, Reporter

Hallways fill with students as another fall rolls in. Rather than the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin spice filling the air, it’s hand sanitizer. The CoronaVirus affected the world and our ways of life as students return to school and teachers to the classroom. Alpena High School has prepared in many ways to properly protect the students and staff of the district. Some of the new protocols include proper social distancing, face masks, routine cleaning and many more. We asked some students and staff members how they thought the school was handling the pandemic. Most agreed that they were doing a sufficient job and felt safe reentering the school. Kahlan Mousseau, a student currently enrolled in Alpena High School stated, “I liked how they appropriately split us up and socially distanced us. It makes me feel safer with everything going on.” Many other individuals had answers similar and some even identical. Most, however, complained, saying there was too much homework to keep up with, and it impacted their after school leisure time. Also, they did not like to wear masks for such long periods of time. After also interviewing some staff, we found that a majority of them agreed with the students and are happy and safely kicking off the new school year.