Brightspace Visual Update

Aliccia Carroll, Reporter


Due to this school year, Alpena’s school district has resorted to using Brightspace as the main online learning format. Recently, they have changed the display of the website. After interviewing students who have used the update, a majority of them thought it was confusing and preferred the original look. Sophomore student, Chloe Lawrence, stated, “The new Brightspace is too complicated. There are too many systems to keep up with when different classes use different websites.”  Many others agreed and had just gotten used to the original look, just to be confused by the upgraded appearance. Not only that, but they found it harder to navigate and preferred a more simple design. After speaking with principal Thomas Berriman, he said the new update was meant to make navigation and virtual learning easier and better for students. In addition, some people have been experiencing a lag or problem within their accounts but will soon hopefully be corrected. Linked below is a tutorial video to guide you through the new look and will hopefully help you in future use.


Guide to Brightspace update