AHS Cross Country Coming to and End

Photo credit- Alpena High school weekly update

Photo credit- Alpena High school weekly update

Aliccia Carroll, Reporter

Cross country had a great season with many new times and accomplishments. Most players were safely socially distanced and wore masks. After a long few months, cross country is coming to an end. Runner and junior student, Jacob Kochanski, states, “I personally didn’t do my best this year but our team did good and I feel like they did a good job holding events considering the effect from the virus.”  After getting in contact with coach Joy Bullis, she mentioned how for obvious reasons, this season has been a challenge. The schedule changed a lot during the beginning and they operated on a week to week basis. A race was never a guarantee until a week in advance. However, they continued to train as usual.


Race size has never been limited before. There have been races holding up to 400 competitors in the past. This year, they were limited to 70 runners per race. This made for additional races and multiple days added to competitions. With the smaller race size, it seemed although runners quite often were on their own, making them focus ahead, instead of running in a group and being pushed along, meaning this year could either have been beneficial or detrimental to a runner. The AHS Cross Country Team had many runners finish with career best times. However at this point, only varsity continues to practice and compete. 


There are 4 Divisions for sports in Michigan. Division 1 is the biggest school with an enrollment size of 1200 and more, meaning Alpena High School is qualified in this placement. An example of Division 2 would be Gaylord, Division 3 Tawas, Division 4 Alcona. On Oct. 24, they will be having Pre-Regionals. There are 8  different Division 1 schools that will compete against each other. The top 7 individuals and 4 teams will continue to Regionals.Oct. 31 will be Regionals; those who qualified will compete against another 8 D 1 teams and the top individuals from Pre Regionals. The Top 3 teams and 7 individuals will continue to States; those who continue to earn the title All Region. Nov. 6 and Nov. 7 will be States. This the highest caliber of runners from all the Division 1 schools in the State of Michigan. At the State meet, the top 50 finishers earn the Title of All State. The top 50 individuals will be awarded medals, the top 2 teams will earn trophies. We hope to see Alpena being one of the top teams and wish luck to those competing!