Boys Basketball

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Aliccia Carroll, Reporter

This year, tryouts for the Wildcats boys basketball team will start Nov. 16th. Games don’t start until Dec. 8th, so there’s plenty of time to whip newcomers into shape and adjust to the new conditions. After losing a lot of seniors that carried our team last year, coaches are looking forward to seeing which players will step forward and assume the key roles and help us be successful. Without having the summer camps to practice amongst each other, this will be a work in progress. When dealing with Covid Protocols, the team is entitled to follow the guidelines given from the school and MHSAA. This means wearing a mask during practice and competition is mandatory.  We also will sanitize all the areas used along with the equipment.  As we face unique challenges, our teams and staff will adapt and do the best they can under the circumstances.  After getting in touch with coach John Pintar, he mentioned how he believes they will become a good team as everyone learns their roles and keeps improving throughout the season.  We look forward to seeing new players on the court and hope to win many games in the future.