Wildcat Passes

Faith Pausits, Writer and Editor

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Wildcat passes are used at home game sporting events. They are $30 and can be bought from the athletic office.

Wildcat passes are a newer item of purchase. They first began selling last year for 30 dollars. This year they will continue selling for 30 dollars. Wildcat passes are used to get you into every home game for free, past the initial purchasing of the card. You will get stamps on the card to admit you into the games. These passes do not work at away games, only home games however.
Students can purchase the pass from the Athletic Office in downstairs D House. To purchase the pass all you need is the 30 dollars, just simply talk to the secretary at the office as soon as you walk through the doors and she will kindly help you. Any further questions can be addressed at the downstairs D House Office as well.

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