Kneeling or stretching

Faith Pausits, Editor

At the varsity football game on Friday, 9th 2016, a player from the Alpena varsity football team made a great tackle on a player from the Ogemaw varsity football team. This tackle lead to the Ogemaw player being carried off the field on a stretcher.


The game was delayed for about five minutes and then continued again. During the delay the Ogemaw football team and Alpena football team had a short meeting. When the EMT came onto the field to see how they could help they were still having a meeting. The Ogemaw team then turned and kneeled to show respect to the injured player.


The Alpena and Ogemaw varsity cheerleaders also took a knee. Even the band took a knee and when people looked to the Alpena varsity football team they began to stretch after the meeting. The head coach from last year had told the kids not to take a knee because it can cramp you up. Seeing as we were winning by a landslide and the game was close to ending there was nothing to lose by taking a knee.


Thoughts from the previous coach have seemed to continue into this year and many parent, students, and teams now look at the Alpena varsity football team as being very disrespectful and ignorant. However, seeing as this has become a new rule at the schools, and many others, our teammates can not take a knee. Now it comes down to if the team simply took their helmets off and stood respectfully then we wouldn’t be looked at as being so rude.
The Ogemaw player was not able to walk off the field, he was carried off in a stretcher and will most likely not be seen on the field for a long time. In the end, Alpena kept their lead and won the game. Many hope to see the Alpena varsity football team to become slightly more respectful towards people they injure.



This article was corrected on 9/29/2016 to show that they can’t kneel due to a rule at the school.