Athletics at AHS


There are always new sport events happening at AHS every school year, whether it’s soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, football, track, cross country.

Get involved! They are always accepting new people to join these teams. Go see the school athletic director, Tim Storch, in D house office to find out about sports you may be interested in. Lots of traveling is involved in these sports as well, students can be anywhere from Gaylord to Traverse city. Find out what you might like to join and get started.

Fall sports are volleyball, tennis, soccer, golf, football, and cross country. Winter sports are cheerleading, hockey, basketball and wrestling. Spring sports are baseball, soccer, golf, softball, tennis and track.

All of these are great ways to meet new people and learn more about what you love to do. And make sure to keep up on the latest sporting events if you’re not involved in them, go watch them!