High Hopes

Kelley Stark

  This Saturday is a big day for the alpena wildcats football team as they will face the Traverse City West Titans. The Wildcats are still yet to beat the Titans, but the team is certain that this game can be their if they play the game play by play, and to simply just stay focused throughout the whole game.

                                    It is just another day for football and this week the Alpena Wildcats football team will face the Traverse City West Titans. The Wildcat football team is 0-24 against the Traverse City Titans, but the team knows that they have what it takes to beat them on Saturday. If the Wildcats are able to beat the Titans, it will bring them closer to playoff play, which would be huge for the school, considering they have not made the playoffs since 2004. The win would also put new head coach Eric Mitchell to his third Big North Conference win as a first year head coach. You can catch the game on the radio on 107.7 The Bay at 7 pm on Saturday.