Huge Win

Kelley Stark

    It is finally wednesday so do you know what that means? It is Wildcat Wednesday at Alpena Highschool, which means that any student or any parent can go to Campus Closet to buy their favorite kinds of goods, whether it is candy, a sweatshirt, or even simply a hat. Campus closet has all your Wildcat gear needs.

                      Every Alpena Wildcat student looks forward to the Wednesday and Friday of the week. Not only is it the middle and the last day of the week, but it is also the only two days where any Wildcat student or parent can go down to Campus Closet to buy their Wildcat needs, Such as cheap candy, sweatshirts, or just simply any Wildcat accessories. Campus closet also has packs of skittles for only 50 cents each.  So come down and visit our Wildcat campus store today to get your Alpena Wildcat needs.