Playing Football with a Mask?

Olivia Smith, Reporter

Covid-19 spreading throughout the entire world has changed many sports and how they function, especially football. Most schools are now requiring all athletes to wear a mask during practices and games. “We have to wear a mask at every practice and during the game. It does not matter whether you are on the field or bench,” said Reid Highlen, a Goodrich High School football player. “I love this sport, so obviously I want to play even if we have to wear a mask, but they are not needed at all. It’s like breathing through a wet rag for 2 hours,” he added. So many athletes complain about wearing a mask during their games, especially games where there is no social distancing on the field/court, so masks are required at all times. “All of my teammates agree they don’t work and we shouldn’t be forced to wear them. We play our hearts out just to be smiling through a sweaty piece of fabric,” stated the player. In his team’s first game against Corunna, they lost with a score of 6-28. “I don’t think we played at our full potential. It was our first game with these, so I hope to improve, but for now it makes me not even want to play,” the player commented about the loss.