Will Covid-19 Affect Sports in the Future?

Olivia Smith, Reporter

Many people see CoronaVirus as a long lasting virus, or at least one that many people will be concerned about for a while. From an athletic viewpoint, it is a major distraction when it comes to achieving an athlete’s goals. “When I wear my mask while dancing, it makes me lightheaded because I can’t take deep breaths like I used too,” Cambree Gildner from Alpena High School quotes. The masks are restricting athletes from moving to their full ability, which is why they feel they aren’t performing as well as they could. “A lot of the deaths from Covid are older people or [people who] had pre-existing health issues. This is why when we are performing or playing, masks shouldn’t be required,” the dancer stated. Along with this, the potential for how well sports can be executed is limited. “As time goes on, who knows how long we will have to wear masks and how this virus will completely change our lives. My dance classes are now half online, and the ones in person are cut down unfortunately,” remarked the dancer. Athletes who deal with wearing masks while playing their sport during this pandemic are limited and could be far into the future.