Varsity 9/26

Paige Langley, Reporter

The Varsity game on Sept. 26 began on our home field on a warm September night. The line outside the gate was long filled with eager fans hoping to buy a ticket before the cut off limit. As the first quarter began, T. C. West Scored two touchdowns. In the 2nd, T.C.W. received a penalty for poor sportsmanship. The 3rd quarter continued with another touchdown for T.C.  and the 4th with a penalty against T.C.W. for holding. Also in the 4th quarter, there was an injury to Jason Smolinski (#30- running back); he sprained his ankle. The game ended with a score of T.C.W. 43/ Wildcats 0. Darred (#51- offence guard, defense tackle) said that the team has “really improved” and that the sound of the fans, coaches, and fellow teammates helped him to forget the pain and to focus on the ball.