Varsity Soccer

Paige Langley, Reporter

The varsity soccer game began on a cool October night. With Alpena playing against Cadillac, there was a lot of back and forth throughout the game. By the end of the first half, Cadillac had 5 shots, Alpena had 2, and no goals were made. Shout out to goalkeeper Matt Diamond (#0/10) who saved the ball many times throughout the game. In the second half, a Cadilac player jumped for the ball and came down, elbowing an Alpena player’s face. Forward player Micheal Clark (#7) says “I think we played a lot better than we did the last time we played them, and it’s just improvement every game.” With 5 seconds left on the clock, Cadillac made a shot towards our goal, but Matt Diamond saved the game. Alpena won 1/0. Well done to our varsity soccer team, and we wish them luck in their upcoming state tournament.