The Wildcat

2020-2021 Staff

National and Global News Reporter

Justin McEwen

  Hi! My name is Justin McEwen. I am currently enrolled in Alpena High School as a 10th grader. I am a global and national news reporter. One of my hobbies is meeting new people across different cultures. I enjoy playing...

Sports Reporter

Aliccia Carroll

  I am Aliccia Carroll, and I am a sophomore at Alpena High School. I am currently a reporter for the school paper and I am specifically reporting on educational information about our district. I want to continue my ed...

Community News Reporter

Sydnie Lipski

  I am in 11th grade, and I am a community reporter. Some things I like to do are gymnastics, reading and any watersports.

Culture Reporter

Maxwell Zbytowski

Howdy! My name is Maxwell and I'm a senior here at the high school. I'm interested in paleontology and zoology and some of my hobbies include: studying interest related topics, watching and playing horror video games, drawing...

Culture Reporter

Lacey Talaska

  I am Lacey Talaska, and I am in 10th grade. I am in the Journalism class as a culture reporter. I plan on going to college after high school. Some hobbies of mine include singing, writing songs, and ping pong...

Sales and Advertising

Emily Klein

Hi, I'm Emily I'm a Senior at AHS. I like to hang out with my friends in my free time. Also, I like to listen to music pretty much anything that's not terrible. I have 3 cats Mew, Sheva, and Bear, but I'm a dog person. During...

Sales and Advertising

Destynee Haskins

My name is Destynee Haskins. I'm a freshman at Alpena High School, and I am on the sales and advertising team. I really like art, both digital and traditional. I want to work in the art industry when I graduate, and I want to...

Sales and Advertising

Kyra Lucas

I am Kyra Lucas. I am doing sales and advertisements for the online school newspaper. I am a junior at Alpena High School. I like playing softball and being around my friends and family. ...

Sales and Advertising

Kayla Haken

  I am Kayla Haken. I am a Junior at Alpena High School. I am a part of the sales and advertising team for the 2020-2021 school year. I enjoy playing volleyball and being around my friends.


Kelvin Price

My name is Kelvin Price, and I am an editor. I am a senior in Alpena High School. After high school, I plan on joining the U.S. Coast Guard. Some things I like to do are play basketball and hangout with friends....


Paige Langley

Hello! My name is Paige Langley. I am an editor for the school newspaper. I am a senior, and I am on the cheer team. I am 17 years old, and I hope to go to Concordia University and study in their nursing program to become a you...


Olivia Smith

  Traveling, boxing, any water sports My goals are to bachelor’s degree in some type of business management for planes/ airports and join the United States Air Force ...

Site Development and Marketing

Joseph Zwolinski

Hows it going? I'm Joseph Zwolinski. I'm currently a senior in high school. My main hobby is playing video games, but I also like to bake occasionally. I usually like to spend my spare time by myself but I still don't mind being...

Site Development and Marketing

Eleanor Rozdoske

  My name is Eleanor Rozdoske, and I am a part of the site development and marketing in the newspaper. I’m a freshman at Alpena High School, and I really like art. My main focus in school has been math and arts, since I...

Site Development and Marketing

Olivia Goodrich

  Hello, I’m Olivia Goodrich, and I am a part of the site development and marketing team in Mrs. Meek’s journalism class. I am a freshman. I enjoy dancing and cross country. I like to travel, go to the beach, and ha...

Site Development and Marketing

Cameron Headley

  12th grade. Site Development and Marketing is my place.  Things I enjoy doing are writing, listening to, and making music, and drawing. I can crochet, and I make blankets. My career goal is to be an automotiv...

Community Reporter

Jessie Simmons

National/Global Reporter

Isaiah Hillman

My name is Isaiah Hillman, and I'm a national/global reporter in the newspaper. I’m a freshman in high school and some of my interests are art and  shoe designing. One day in the future, I’d like to be a graphic designer o...

School Reporter

Ashlynn Brown

My name is Ashlynn Brown and I am a junior at Alpena High School. I work on the reporting part of our newspaper team. I enjoy plenty of things like writing, reading, painting, listening to (and writing) music, drawing, editing,...

School Reporter

Adler Wilcox

My name is Adler Wilcox. I am a member of the reporting team for the Alpena High School newspaper. I am a 12th grader at Alpena Highschool. My goals and interests are to become a welder.

Community Reporter

Cirrae Gagnon

  My name is Cirrae Gagnon. I'm a sophomore at Alpena High School, and a community reporter in my journalism class. One day, I hope to get my massage therapist license from the Soma Institute in Chicago and train horses on ...

National/Global Reporter

Mia Couture

    My name is Mia Couture, and I am a sophomore at AHS. Currently, I am reporting on national and global news for this online newspaper. This means that I report on news in both the nation and the world. My goal i...

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