Broadcasting, recruitment

Faith Pausits, Editor

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The Alpena High School broadcasting team is looking for people to do various broadcasting activities. They will go to all levels of games; football, soccer, and volleyball. Meetings will be held once enough people have been recruited.


Videotapers and announcers are needed. If you have an interest in broadcasting please go to the Athletic office in downstairs D house. By being in broadcasting you get free admission to the games at which you are broadcasting. Invite your friends to join and you can watch the game while broadcasting together.


Once you talk to the Athletic Office and sign up, simply wait until enough people have been recruited for a pass to go to a meeting. The pass will be delivered to one of your classes and you will be excused at the time set. If you have any questions you can contact Mr. Tim Storch at his school email,, or see him in downstairs D house office.

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