Dress Code

Ashley Bloom, Author

So with this hot weather we having its really hard to follow the dress code. Especially for the girls. We have to have our shorts below our fingertips. However, they are called shorts for a reason, they aren’t supposed to be long. I’m just saying I have seen boys wearing shorts shorter than mine, but not getting yelled at for it.

Not to mention, it seems like all the girls that are in sports can’t wear short shorts, I was walking out to the parking lot and I got stop, for my shorts. But girls who were around me that are in  sports and their shorts were shorter than mine and they didn’t get stopped.  The guys can wear cut offs but girls can’t wear shorts because it’s distracting  to the guys. Sorry, but cut offs on some guys are distracting to girls, too.

If the dress code is going to be inforced,  make it fair for everyone.I think that the dress code should be a little less strict. I have never caught a guy staring at a girl in shorts. It’s mostly the teachers who have something to say about it. I’ve  walked passed Mr.Poli and he never said that  my shorts were too short. But I can see a problem with girls wearing a spaghetti strap tank top that could be distracting.

All I’m saying is if you want to tell us our shorts are too short you better go around the school and tell every girl  her shorts are too short too. Make the dress code fair for everyone boys and girls, or you are going to have other people who aren’t going to follow it.