Life After High School

Ashley Bloom, Author

This past week I interviewed  Alicia Tessmer about planning for life after AHS.Tessmer is our Career Planning Specialist at AHS.

 Tessmer  advises seniors to apply online to at least three schools. One of them being a school like Harvard, Michigan State, or University of Michigan. Then a school that you would have a chance of getting into like Saginaw valley or Ferris. Then the last school to is what Tessmer called a “safe school” and example would be Alpena Community College (ACC). Tessmer also said it would be a good idea to apply to the college’s early to be in the “safe zone” so the students can start on scholarships and housing. Students should apply for college by November 1st, and to have their FAFSA done by October 1st.

Throughout their senior year students should  look at scholarships and apply to all that apply to them.   

Now if they are looking into a military career they need  to take the ASVAB that is held in November and reach out to a recruiter in the branch that they want to get into. If a student is unsure of what they want to do they should still apply to college, and try job shadowing.