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Alpena High School has a recycling program that was started last year by Karla Kowalski. She had taken over the collection from YVC (Youth Volunteer Corporation).


Ms. Kowalski is a teacher of a World Around Us class and she has used recycling as a chance to help familiarize her students with recycling. However, her class has to spend a large chunk of time on sorting the recycled goods due to the student population not knowing what can and can’t be recycled.


Too many students and staff are throwing trash into the recycling bins that cannot be recycled. Items such as used tissue paper, though they are paper, are not something that can’t be recycled at the facility provided to us. Ms. Kowalski and her class go to each classroom during 3rd hour on Friday’s, and then spend time to sort the bins and take out items such as tissue paper and candy and gum wrappers. They have to sort this out since it costs more money to dispose of the items.


Appropriate items to recycle include: newspapers, envelopes, old homework assignments (such as old math assignments, after they have been entered in the gradebook),  and plastic bottles (any number on the bottom is acceptable at the facilities in Alpena according to the offical website for recycling in Alpena county;


Items that are not appropriate include: plastic bags, soiled paper such as used tissues, bubble wrap, and styrofoam.


Ms. Kowalski’s class, as well as the recycling facilities of Alpena, would appreciate greatly if the students and staff of Alpena High School knew what is and is not acceptable to be recycled.

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