YVC volunteer of November

Faith Pausits, Editor

Janelle Cook is the Youth Volunteer Corp’s 2016 November volunteer of the month.

Cook’s parents are Susan and Phil Cook. However, Cook’s main reason for joining Youth Volunteer Corp (YVC) was that a friend encouraged her to join. Since joining the program her favorite activity has been visiting the Senior Citizens Center. “The people there can be really easy going,” Janelle Cook said when asked why it is her favorite activity. At the Senior Citizen’s Center the members of YVC talk and interact with the senior citizens. An important activity to let the older people in Alpena’s community know there are still people who want to talk to and interact with them.

Cook says the best part of being in YVC is meeting all of the new people from all over the community through YVC. Something Cook would like people to know is that being apart of the YVC is not a chore and can be very fun. Cook says that since she has joined and has been affected by community service (volunteering) her life is much busier. However, she wants everyone to know that while it has been much busier it has also been much more enjoyable for her.