Food fun

Missed the announcements? Here’s what’s for lunch this week. The lunch schedule will be displayed on the Wildcat news website every week now. Monday, fettuccini alfredo served with grilled chicken and garlic bread will be for lunch. Tuesday, being served is boneless chicken wings with a homemade roll, french fries and baby carrots. Wednesday, the 15th, homemade spaghetti with garlic bread, romaine and spinach salad and sweet corn is what’s for lunch. Thursday, the 16th, its build your own sub bar with all the fixins’ along with celery and dip and baked beans. To end the week on Friday the 17th, deluxe pizza bar along with broccoli bites with dip and green beans is whats for lunch. On Friday at lunch there is a fresh baked cookie being served with every lunch.

On Monday, February 20th, breakfast is for lunch, along with baby carrots and dip and crunchy hash browns. For Tuesday, being served is nachos supreme with Mexican rice, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and fiesta black beans. On Wednesday, “rockin” ravioli served with garlic bread also with broccoli bites with dip, and sweet corn. On the 23rd,  it’s build your own sub bar with all the fixins’ along with crunchy cauliflower with dip, and baked beans. On Friday to end the week, it is only a half day for students. Lunches will not be served that day, but you can buy a sack lunch at the end of the day in the cafeteria.

On Monday of the following week, it is your choice of build a burger bar or build a hotdog bar, each having all the toppings. Crispy french fries and crunchy grapes are also available. To end the month of February on the 28th, boneless chicken wings with a homemade roll, tossed salad, and steamed green beans is whats available.