Spring college trips

Breanna Domrase

Are you interested in going to Ferris State University, Alpena Community College, or Michigan State University? According to Ashley Popp in the media center, there will be campus visits as follows: Thursday, March 16th to Ferris State, Thursday, March 23 to ACC and Wednesday, April 5th to Michigan State University.

The permission slip for Ferris State University is due Friday, March 3rd. The permission slip for Alpena Community College is due Thursday, March 9th, and for Michigan State  Wednesday, March 22nd. The Ferris State bus will depart at 7:00 am and return at 7:00pm, the bus for ACC will leave at 7:45 am and return at 10:45am and the MSU bus will leave at 6:30 am and arrive back at 7:00pm.

On the Ferris State trip, students will be able to attend an informative presentation from the office of admissions, and receive a walking tour of campus. The students will also be eating  lunch on campus at The Rock Cafe.

The trip to Alpena Community College is open to all students interested in the Liberal Arts or the transfer programs, and students interested in starting their degree at ACC. These trips will help you figure out if you want to stay here, or go away for college right away.

For the MSU trip there is a 3.0 GPA requirement. The campus tour includes a presentation from the office of admissions and a walking tour of campus. The students will also eat lunch on campus, in Brody Square.

If you have any questions about the trips visit Ashley Popp, AHS college adviser, in the Media Center for a permission slip and more information. You can meet with Ashley regarding questions you have or email her at poppa@alpenaschools.com.