AHS has a very strict policy on student absences and it is cracking down for the 2017-2018 school year, due to students being irresponsible and not going to their classes when they need to be.

Over the past couple years teachers have noticed students are not going to their class, but will be in their next hour. Those are considered a verified skip and if students have two or more verified skips they are called down to the office to explain why they were not in their class.Students who can drive also like to take all three lunches which has become a problem for fourth hour teachers because it is the most commonly skipped class.

Everyone gets sick or has appointments to go to during the school year and as long as a parent or legal guardian calls it in it is verified as an excused absence. But some students have more than others and over the semester students only have eight absences to use if those eight absences are exceeded parents are notified and have to explain why their child has missed so much. Once students go over their allowed number of absences in their classes the teacher must start reducing grades by five percent and the percent keeps going up as students miss more and more school.

AHS has a way to make up absences whether they are called in or not, students can tell their teacher of the class they missed and they can stay after and do homework for an hour or so and the teacher will have it removed from the excessive absence list. Or, if the whole day was missed, students can go to the attendance office and tell Mrs Pizzino what day or days they would like to make up and students stay in after school detention until it’s over to serve those days.

This is a super helpful way to keep absences down and keep students from getting lower grades and interfere with students learning abilities.