College Ready?


High School goes by fast, and then students move to bigger things; college. Why not get an early start and get it free? Alpena High allows students to enroll in college classes while still in high school.

Interested? Students going into 11th grade can begin enrolling in these classes. Students have a choice whether to take early college or if they just want to dual enroll. Early college lets students take a wider range of classes, but you must be really committed to it because they must take them all year. When dual enrolling, students have a smaller range of classes to choose from but that does not mean students can not get the classes they want to take.

Go in and talk to a counselor and see what they think about what you should do to start.  But students must know that if they are to fail any college class or if they ruin or lose the book to the class you have to pay for the class and the book.

Look into it and maybe it can help you decide where you would like to go in life and get you to a better future.