What’s for Lunch?

Don’t know what is for lunch? The lunch schedule will be updated every week on the Wildcat News website.

The lunch schedule for the week of Monday September 18 through Friday September 22 is, Monday the 18th is lasagna roll ups with garlic bread, along with grape tomatoes with a ranch dip or with a side of bananas, applesauce, or raisins. Tuesday the 19th is chicken quesadillas with Mexican rice along with baby carrots with ranch dip or mashed potatoes and a side of a banana chilled pears or raisins. Wednesday the 20th is baked chicken with a roll along with baked beans and cauliflower with dip with a side of crunchy grapes, chilled pears, or raisins. Thursday the 21st is sub day! Along with broccoli and cauliflower with dip and a side of pineapple chunks, orange slices, or raisins. Friday the 22nd is grilled ham and cheese or grilled cheese with tomato soup along with steamed broccoli and celery sticks with dip with a side of diced peaches, apple slices, or raisins.

AHS does its best to make sure kids get a healthy lunch everyday for $3.00. Different stuff everyday, go check out what is for lunch today!