Fall is here

Kelley stark

Yes it is finally that time of Year when the leaves begin to change, and the air gets a little bit cooler. At Alpena High schools Campus closet you will be able to help your cold weather needs. So come in and stop by and you can get your warm clothes during the school week.

                                When it is cold outside, you will need to stay warm. You can meet the requirements at Alpena Highschools Campus Closet for a price of twenty five dollars. The sweatshirts have an Alpena A on them, and they say Alpena wildcats so that when you are cozy when others are cold you can still represent your school. You can choose either Green, Black, and Grey as the color of the sweatshirt. So come on down and pick you own sweatshirt out today, And also do not forget about the hats, every hat is only 15 Dollars.