Homecoming week

Emma Gagnon, Author

Homecoming for Alpena High School is this week. The week is filled with spirit days and Saturday is the actual dance.
First off, Homecoming is not just known for the dance in Alpena. It is also known for the high-energy spirit week prior to the dance. For this 2016-2017 school year, Homecoming falls on October 15th. Leadership from Alpena High School are the people who run and put together the dance.
Allison Poli, a member of Leadership herself, was interviewed due to the absence of Mrs.Spain, the teacher who overlooks the Leadership Students. She mentioned details about what everyone should expect for Homecoming and the Spirit week including the pep-assembly on Friday. She mentioned that if Freshman weren’t enthusiastic it would be boring.
Spirit Days:
Monday: Denim Day
Wednesday: Holi-day
Thursday: Throwback Thursday
Friday: Class Color day and Green and white day