College trips

Have you ever wanted to sign up for college trips to experience different schools? Say no more. A signup sheet is available in Ashley Popp’s office right in the media center.

Tons of College trips are available to students who want to go and experience other schools they may have a liking for. These college trips are free to students and lunch is provided. The absences count as an excused school activity for the day. But you can only have up to three of these excused as school activities and after that they count as absences towards the semester.

A few examples of these college visits are at Alpena Community College, another at Ferris State University, Northern Michigan University, Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, and Eastern Michigan University. There are many other trips available to go on throughout the year. If you have anymore questions, go see Ashley Popp under the stairs in the library where Mr. Lockwood used to be.