Scheduling at AHS

Emma Gagnon, Author

Alpena High School is in the midst of planning for the year ahead through scheduling on synergy, presentations, and meetings upon meetings.
Scheduling time is upon Alpena High School as students and teachers are flooded with papers and presentations. The E house councilors are doing their best work helping parents and their children, students at AHS, through what some people may call the worst time of the year.
Online scheduling, a must for students, has to be completed by Friday December 16, 2016. If not completed, students will not have any choice of what classes the will recieve next school year.
Papers for scheduling must have signatures of teachers if the class they are requesting needs a signature, which are also due the same day as online scheduling, Friday December 16, 2016 and will be collected in Advisory period.
Advice for students who do not have any idea of what classes they want is to fill in random classes in Synergy and then sign up with your counselor in E house office. The counselors will be able to help you decide what classes you want that are available, and change the schedule anytime up until April of 2017.
Here are the list of counselors: Lori Vought A-G
Mary Daoust H-O
Robyn Miller P-Z