FAQ part 2

The school dress code is meant to prepare students for future work settings. The way a student dresses can have an impact on their learning and safety as well as the learning and safety of others. It is encouraged that APS students come to school dressed neatly and prepared to learn. Clothing that is excessively tight or revealing is not allowed. Clothes that are excessively baggy can interfere with certain activities and are not accepted either. Any clothing with violence, drugs, alcohol, racism, or profanity are not tolerated in APS. For any specific questions, contact the building principal.

APS provides bus transportation for all students living within district boundaries to and from their regular school of attendance. (Students attending an elementary school by special permission must arrange for their own transportation.) Specific pick-up and drop-off information can be obtained by calling either the school office or the Transportation Office at 358-5790.

To issue a complaint it’s usually preferred to start at the building level. In most cases, any concerns can be addressed directly by either building staff members or the building principal. If the concern is still not resolved, the Office of Instruction will assist. Their number is 989-358-5015. Any concerns will be routed from there if needed.
When bad weather or other emergency situations occur, student safety is APS’s first concern. The local law enforcement, APS Transportation Director, and the Superintendent make the difficult decision on if to close school or not. Bus drivers and the media have to know if the school will be closed or not and so the decision must be made by 5:30 AM for full-day closure. In the case of early dismissal, the decision should be made well before noon so that buses can be ready to take the secondary and elementary schools home.