Why school should start later

Ryan Ballor, Journalist

Some think school should start much later, and some agree with the early start to school. An article talked about and gave reasons why school start later.

According to brain doctors, making kids start school early is “cruel”. According to some scientists, hormonal changes cause the body have a harder time being awake so early, making it much harder to stay focused in school. Access to TV’s, computers,  game systems, and cell phones are not making it any easier for kids to sleep good. All of these just keep them up way later than they should be.

Mary Carskadon, at Brown University, has shown and proved that students need on average, 9 hours of sleep a night stay focused in school and be alert. Carskadon also did a study with an unspecified school that showed on average most students only slept five hours a night. Overall, students should be getting plenty of sleep to keep them alert and focused in school.