AHS Science Olympiad wins

Emma Gagnon, Author

The Alpena High School’s Science Olympiad team has won their tenth straight regional win on March 11, 2017 which secures the team’s spot in next month’s states.
The Alpena team, coached by Melissa Doubek, won 14 out of the 23 events in the competition. This regionals was held in Alpena at Alpena Community College.
The tenth consecutive win had Doubek excited and she congratulated her team filled with freshman as well as seniors. “We had a lot of freshman competing this year so I was very excited that not only did our seniors, but also our freshmen, really stepped up,” commented Doubek according the ‘The Alpena News’.
The team had help from a few mentors as well. They are Kathleen Howard, Tina Rossi, Nathan Lafarge, Deb Hautau, and Avery Aten.
The team’s top competitors included Megan Milostan who took first place in anatomy, forensics, hydrogeology and invasive species; Angela Salacata, who took first place in disease detectives, optics, remote sensing, and rocks and minerals; and Priya Pokorzynski who took first in chem lab, forensics, wind power and material science.
The next competition will be at Michigan State University on April 29. Here, the top 60 teams in Michigan will compete for the medals. Doubek is hoping to at least place in one of the competitions.
“Last year I had high expectations and we got shutout,” Doubek said. “It took me off guard but I am hoping for one or two medals this year. I think we have the possibility to win in at least one event,” she said, according to ‘The Alpena News’.
Hillman High School is also heading down for the event.