Teen filmmaker takes another win

Emma Gagnon, Author

DyShauna Rutherford, a filmmaker from Rogers City, takes home another award for best teen film in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The 17 year old has won once before this. She won the Thunder Bay International Film Festival Student Competition.
Her grand prize winning film is five minutes long about the effect of mental illness and how it has affected her life, based on first hand experience. She tried new effects like using cardboard to show off her adaptability but also something that hit home: her mom.
“Not only did I use the cardboard, I used my mom. She was a trooper and re-enacted the scene about finding out her brother committed suicide,” Rutherford explained to ‘The Alpena News’.
For this particular competition she could have depicted any topic. How mental illness has impacted her life was something she could not have passed up.
As reported in ‘The Alpena News’, she said, “I talk about how I deal with it, it’s a genetic thing. It talks about the domino effect. It starts off talking about how it affected my uncle who committed suicide, then my mom and it kind of went down the line.”
Rutherford hopes to reach out to other people struggling and is happy with how her video has been reacted to.