Student of The Week

Kevin Ghidoni



Student Of The Week

The February 12 Student Of The Week winner is Damon Adams. The proud son of Julie Mousseau and Chris Riley is a 9th grader with a career pathway of being in the Armed Forces.

Damons hobbies and interests include working out, running, debating politics, and playing golf.

His post graduate plans are to join the Marine Corps and be a field radio operator. When asked if he could make the world a better place by changing one thing what would it be he replied “Stop the manufacturing of nuclear weapons because there are already too many in the world and our world is already dangerous enough”.

Damons local mentor is his uncle, Mike Mousseau because he motivates and pushes him the achieve his dreams and his favorite thing about living in North East Michigan is “the nature, and the beautiful sites we take for granted everyday”.