Daylight Savings

The idea of daylight savings was first proposed by George Hudson in 1895 but was not used on a nationwide scale until April 30th 1916 when Germany and Austria Hungria first used it. Since then many countries have used daylight savings on and off throughout the years until the energy crisis of the 1970s when it has since become more popular.

In the United States daylight savings begins March 11th and ends November 4th, with our daylight savings just beginning our days have gotten longer but on the downside the mornings stay darker longer making it so kids have to wait in the dark for the busses to arrive at their stops.

One student said that he likes daylight savings because it makes the days longer and kind of ends winter in a way putting a end to the short days, and that he doesn’t mind it getting darker in the morning because it isn’t long and mornings are light out again too.