Florida school shooting

On February 14th, a former 19 year old student, Nikolas Cruz, walked into a Florida school and committed a large school shooting.

Many people had been suspicious in the past about Cruz, constantly talking about weapons and violence. On his social media accounts he would always share photos and videos of him shooting weapons and bragging about killing animals. Many people are now blaming themselves over what he did. They feel as if they should have informed someone about his past and bad intentions.

Nikolas Cruze walked into Majorey Stoneman Douglas High School one afternoon and carried through with his plan to shoot up the school. He pulled the fire alarm, hoping kids would flood the hallways. He then started shooting as kids ran back to class as fast as possible. He continued to go through the hallways, stopping at different classrooms to murder kids. After it was all over, he left scene, later being caught by authorities.