Power ticket winners 2/26

Power tickets are given out by staff members and teachers to students for good behavior. Each week kids are chosen from each grade as power ticket winners.

For the week of February 26th, power tickets were drawn by the staff members. For the freshman students, Aidan Bourgeuis, Cole Kolnowski, Chandler Griffin, and Allen Reynolds were chosen. For the sophomore students,Bobby Stage, Joe Mcdonald, Max Kuchnicki, and Devon Villeneuve were the winners. For the junior winners, Kaitlyn MacNeill, Damian Edmonds, Brandon Briggs, and Shania Soik were selected. Finally, for the seniors, Jillian Woodward, Alysa Sommerfield, Shelby Fournier, and Kaitlyn Callahan were selected. Staff winners are also chosen every week for power ticket winners, and for this week it was Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Zinke, and Ms. Kowalski were selected. To claim your prize you have to go to the main office at the front desk. Every week the power ticket winners and any other chosen students for prizes will be located on the AHSWildcat.com