Student Of The Week

The AHS Student Of The Week for May 7th is Remington Buckler, the proud son of Angela Buckler and and Richard Holben is a 11th grader with a career pathway of marketing.

His hobbies and interests are FFA, computers, and just being involved with the community.

His post graduate plans are to first attend ACC and then later transfer to a larger university.

When asked if he could make the world a better place by changing one thing he said he would love to change hunger and for everyone to have enough food.

His local hero and mentor is “Mr. Worth and Mrs. Smith, because they have guided me with FFA and leadership and encouraged me to get involved in community activities and helping others. They’re both so easy to talk to.  They have made me a better person”.

When asked what his favorite part about living in North East Michigan is he said the four seasons and living near all the water.