Fashion trends

Tyler Amaya

Some fashion trends in the high school involve crop tops. Primarily worn by the preppy girls. It’s not something that all of them we but a lot of them do. The basic crop top outfit for a girl in our school also includes usually some Sperry Shoe.

Next, outside of AHS, there’s a lot of fashion in the world that I’m here to talk about. Some fashion trends that have been going around are the more well kept guys wear these jeans called “joggers” They are super comfy and they come in all sorts of colors. Joggers are pretty much just jeans that look like sweatpants.

NIke is also a great brand that a lot of guys and girls wear. In fact, its a great brand; kind of expensive, but honestly, this brand is great. Nike is a billion dollar company and if you don’t know about this brand that’s kind of crazy. A Lot of the students in AHS ware Nike everything -not just shoes, but shirts pants and even underwear.