Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 is an amazing game for all people to enjoy. There’s so much to do and enjoy about this game.

First you start of in a vault in a post apocalyptic world where you have been frozen in a time capsule for the last 200 years before the nukes were dropped during the Great War. The whole objective of this game is to get you son back. While you were frozen some bad people ( Kellogg ) and the Institute Had released the time capsule and took your son shawn as their own and raised him to be the leader of the institute.

Along your journey to find out who has taken your son you are introduced to 4 factions: Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, Minutemen, and the last faction is the institute and you’ve got the option to join the bad guys. Through your journey you catch up with the institute with whatever faction you have chosen and, you come to realize That your son shawn is running and calling the shots their.