End Of the Semester

Kelley Strak

       The students at Alpena highschool have been working very hard throughout the first semester. It is hard for some of us to believe but the semester ends in only two weeks. The students are hoping that all of their hard work and dedication will pay off in their report cards, and their overall grades in their classes. This is a huge accomplishment for all Alpena Highschool students.

                                   As the first semester comes to a close all students at Alpena Highschool are very excited about what they have accomplished in their class this semester.  All of the students try really hard as well as the teachers and other staff members in the building. The members of Alpena Highschool such as the staff,students,and teachers should all be very proud for finishing the first long semester of the 2019-2020 school year. For other students that are not happy with their overall grades need to turn in late or missing work very soon because the semester is closing.