A Tough Win

kelley stark

    Over the weekend the Alpena Boys basketball team traveled to Escanaba High School to take on the Eskimos last Friday. It was a big game for the Wildcats because they were coming into the game with a 3-0 overall record. The Wildcats knew that the game was going to be a dog fight but they fought through it as they wore down the Eskimos last Friday at Escanaba Highschool.

                           A win for a Basketball team is always a big deal,especially if your record is already 3-0 on the season. The Alpena boys Basketball team needed a win on Friday night as they face a very good Escanaba Eskimo team. The Wildcats needed to bring everything they had to get the victory. The game started off slow as the Wildcats trailed by 7 at halftime. With the game on the line the Wildcats were able to pull of the win with a 67-66 victory over Escanaba. The community is encouraged to sup[port the Wildcats with all of their home games.