Evelyn Allen

As you are  wrapping up the first semester start taking note of your attendance. After having over eight absences it will start affecting your grades. 

Starting Mondays and Thrusdays from 2:45 until 3:45 is attendance make-up. Attendance make-up is for you to sit in the large commons with an administor, you are required to work on missing work or homework, and after the hour is up you have renewed a marked absence in one class period.  

Attendance make-up is a good way to start renewing your attendance, if, of course, you’re passed the eight days given to you. 

The other option is January 8th the attendance review board will be going on which means if you were sick for a week,a family emergency came up, or anything major happened that has caused you to miss several days of school, attendance review board members will gather and come to an agreement whether or not your reason for missing school is good enough to exempt.